In Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, Another ARC Jewry, .. IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ANCIENT, police cordoned off an entire block ..!

In Recife, Brazil, was cordoned off an entire city block, in which networks of transmission, have left Internet deaths, like the phone trasmicion data, aerial signs or any kind of radio wave.

after weeks in which telecommunications services to private and government can not explain why the area did not operate the systems of transmision raedial wired or air, this call much attention, which mandates that the Central Nuclear Mato Grosso, stepped in to give a rational explanation to the fact, which concluded that:

1-Something has been activated in the basement of an old house in the neighborhood of the city antigo, which prduce a load of a tachyon, which has attracted the attention not only to these experts, if not all professionals the world who have sent asus specialists.

2-The house in question belongs to a wealthy Jewish family who arrived after the Jewish Holocaust to the coastline of the Atlantic ..

3 – AThis income mansion is prohibited by Brazilian government officials, particularly from Government House.

4-The especialestas after having seen these demonstrations in other parts of the world, reached the following conclusion, as they are the same symptoms that were discovered on the fourth floor of the library of the Vatican, as it is believed that under such Arco is a mansion of Jewry that began activated, thanks to the high concentration of neutrinos, and radiation, in the south of the world



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